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Whole is a beautiful down-to-earth plant-based book of 100-plus recipes. It captures the distinct and covetable vibe of author Harriet Birrell’s beachside lifestyle, where her priorities are good food, wellness, surfing and family.

In the book, Harriet shares recipes she makes at home all the time, covering Breakfast, Salads, Bowls, Mains, Share, Sweet and Drinks. They are a compilation of whole, satisfying favourites, with a modern twist. Try a Purple sweet potato bowl for breakfast, a Falafel crumble salad with pickled onion for lunch, and Rainbow cauliflower fried rice for dinner. Harriet’s philosophy is all about celebrating and enjoying the abundance of whole food available and preparing it in a way that is easy.

Refined vegetable oils are replaced with whole fats such as avocado and coconut, refined flours with minimally processed whole grains, and white sugar replaced with whole vitamin and mineral rich versions such as mejdool dates, banana, and maple syrup. Only a few recipes contain gluten and these are accompanied by gluten-free alternatives in the notes.

Språk: Engelsk
19 x 24 cm

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