Secret Attic - Puslespill med 1000 brikker

Secret Attic - Puslespill med 1000 brikker

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This puzzle is ideal for escaping and strolling in front of this antique window (and for caressing the cat in the process).

The latter is illustrated by Nicolle Lalonde, a Canadian artist. Secret Attic is composed of 1000 rooms. Nicolle is an illustrator living in Toronto, Canada. The artist loves nature, vintage art, and cats. She aspires to bring a bit of magic to everything she does.

The number of pieces: 1000 pieces.
The size of the completed puzzle: 68cm by 48cm.
The size of the box: 33.5cm x 23.5cm x 4.5cm.
An image in the puzzle box: yes.
The artist: Nicolle Lalonde.
Place of manufacture: in Turkey.
Various information: The puzzle is not wrapped in plastic film and the pieces are contained in a cotton bag.

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